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From the moment you get to the track, you can feel the excitement brewing. Your heart is accelerated, your adrenaline is flowing, your blood may even be turning a shade of BMW Blue. All this, and you haven’t even got behind the wheel of an Ultimate Driving Machine yet… That’s the precision, pull and power of the BMW Performance Center. Whether you’re a teenager just getting your wheels under you or you’re an experienced, apex-hitting, white-knuckled performance driving enthusiast, their professional instructors help you get even better behind the wheel. Real world exercises with real-time feedback: accident avoidance, lane changes, hard braking, cornering and vehicle dynamics are all covered in One Day Teen and Car Control Schools. Two day schools maximize seat time and build on the skills learned on day one. Their driving instructors are true pros that help guide you via radio to really push a BMW to its limits — which really means your limits. For more advanced drivers, M Schools give an experience like no other. Cornering at optimum slip, drifting, timed laps at speeds you’ve only dreamed of, are all on the menu. Opt for the Two Day M School and you’ll get tons of additional tire-roasting drive time, two nights of deluxe accommodations, track transportation and meals. Want to get right down to business? Short on time? Jump into action quickly with a BMW Performance Center Drive or M Track Drive, as these programs pack a good bit of action into a compressed time frame. And the icing on the cake? Wrapping up the day on a mind-blowing hot lap around the track. Question everything you know about driving in a high-performance M Series with a pro instructor. See exactly why BMW is known as The Ultimate Driving Machine. This brand new facility, located east of Palm Springs, boasts an exclusive paddock and track area for the Performance Driving Center at the Thermal Club. The track and surrounding area spans over 30 acres, including a 1.6-mile road course that has all the features of the original Spartanburg, South Carolina, BMW Performance Center. Plan an outing to the Thermal Club with friends or coworkers. Host a group or corporate event there and your crowd will be talking about their unique adventure for a long time to come. If you’re interested in honing your technique or advanced skills, M Schools are a high performance driving dream. Or if you just want a quick taste of what they have to offer, hop in for a time-saving Track Drive.

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86030 62nd Ave.
Thermal, California 92274
United States

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