Behind The Exhibit: Background on Anthony Hopkins' Dreamscapes

If you're an art enthusiast visiting the Palm Springs area, one of the highlights of your trip should be the Anthony Hopkins Dreamscapes exhibit. For those travelers who are new to Hopkins' plastic arts facet can come enjoy this event during their stay. The exhibit in Palm Springs open on January 17, 2017; it's an event you won't want to miss.


Hopkins' art, while not the most famous of his personal creative genius, are still widely celebrated worldwide. His art collection has been displayed at the London Gallery, the Dome in Scotland, the Muir Fine Art gallery in Houston, the Jeff Mitchum Galleries in Las Vegas, and, of course, the Desert Art Collection in Palm Springs.


Anthony Hopkins is one of the most celebrated actors of the 20th century, but his paintings reflect an altogether different quality than his variable acting work, which has won him an Oscar, Emmys, and many other awards in between. While his acting reflects both training and natural talent, Hopkins' art is almost freeform in its delivery. He takes inspiration from more modern, abstract artists, most notably Vincent Van Gogh. The bold colors of both his bright landscapes and macabre portraits of humanity suggest a vibrancy and movement in the art itself. The tone of his paintings vary greatly -- some are almost garishly colored with harsh defining lines, reflecting a darker, circus-like quality. Others, like the landscapes and stills of nature, are calming, simple, and serene in their portrayal.

Unlike Hopkins' serious roles in on the stage and screen, his paintings eschew classical elements for a more playful and evocative mood. It's another side of his creative expression -- one that often cannot manifest itself when portraying a serious character for an audience.


Reception to Hopkin's art has been largely positive. Galleries and art shows eagerly display his artwork, and the diversity of his painting styles and subjects help to bring plenty of conversation to the table. One painting, a rural landscape at sunset, embraces simplicity and realism, while others, like his paintings of animals, move toward the abstract and the primitive. Much of Hopkins art is still "up-and-coming" for collectors and art enthusiasts. Given the prominence of his work and creative genius both on and off the canvas, he is still a contender in the world of fine art display and sale. Prints and books featuring the Dreamscapes series are available in art and museum stores across the country.

Other Art

If you'd like to gain a greater appreciation for Hopkins' personal creative work, his paintings are not the only place you should look. He also has notable contributions to media and fine arts with illustration, poetry, direction, music composition, and acting.

The art of such a talented and versatile creative master cannot be undervalued. The exhibit featuring his art in Palm Springs is prime destination for fans of the actor, the musician, and the artist.

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15 Dec 2016