Equestrian Engagement: Adventures On Horseback At Smoke Tree Stables


The old ways are often the best ways, and this is especially true for horseback riding. Traveling by horse links you to the terrain in a way no modern vehicle can, which is particularly valuable in places like Palm Springs where the environment remains undisturbed. Smoke Tree Stables offers a variety of horseback tours through the area, letting visitors soak in the local geography, history, and culture.

Take In Smoke Tree

If you're new to horseback riding or just want to take it easy, the Smoke Tree Mountain ride provides an unforgettable introduction. This hour-long ride will take you around Smoke Tree Mountain to the edge of Andreas Canyon. You can thus get a sense of the local topography and your favorite spots, planning further expeditions accordingly. These tours begin every hour throughout the day, starting at 8 AM.

Cross The Canyon

The Andreas Canyon Ride is the best way for visitors to get a feel for the area's natural beauty. On this two-hour guided tour, you will ride into the canyon, cross the local creek, and head for an oasis made of Washingtonia, or palms native to the American Southwest. On the way, your guide will give you an in-depth overview of the local flora, fauna, and terrain, helping you understand the science and history of the Palm Spring area. There are four tours throughout the day, the first meeting at 8 AM.

Make The Most Of Murray

Southern California has no shortage of beautiful canyons, so if you enjoy the Andreas ride, there's plenty more where that came from. The Murray Canyon tour gives you a comprehensive view of everything the local environment has to offer. After journeying into the canyon, you will link up with the Kaufman Trail, from which you can see all three Indian Canyons and the Coachella Valley. Lasting three hours, this tour is ideal for enthusiastic riders.

Peruse Palm Canyon

A favorite among history lovers, the Palm Canyon tour takes you into the heart of the civilizations that have inhabited Palm Springs for thousands of years. A four-hour-long tour through the largest Indian Canyon, this journey includes a trip to the famous Indian Trading Post. There you can see indigenous pottery, jewelry, baskets, and other artifacts, as well as historic maps of the area. You will leave with a renewed appreciation for the region's history and culture, as well as further knowledge of local plants and geography.

Schedule Solo

In addition to their pre-programmed tours, the Smoke Tree Stables staff also allows visitors to request private and specially-scheduled rides and tours. These include ranch rides, group and convention events, and additional tours of the canyon outside of regular hours. The staff are flexible about tailoring their services to meet your needs, but you do need to schedule specialized tours ahead of time so they can account for them.


Horses have traversed the California desert since the Spanish first introduced them, and after hundreds of years, there's still no better way to travel. A visit to Smoke Tree Stables lets you participate in this history, feeling fully connected to the region.


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15 Dec 2016